1. hello sabby.

    i love hamsters too. but have loads of them, mostly baby ones...cant seem to control the breeding..do you know any places where i can give them out?

  2. Hello there:)

    Hope you had a good day,

    well first things first, stop the breeding, by separating the male and females, which will give you a better control. ( well there is no such thing as hamster condoms u know.. hehe.:p)

    Secondly, you could ask around any people who will be adopting them for free, and have space, and a spare cage ( a reasonable price can be get at neighbourhood stores, can bargain, esp the ones at sunset way, avoid ones at the shopping mall, can be expensive..)

    well, it giving away does not work, then bring the babies to those neighbourhood pet shops,normally they will accept them, and it can be exchanged for food for your hamsters, and rarely cash.

    But do keep in mind that its is a bad thing to just let them free, cats will eat them up can be quite gruesome as well.

    hope this works for you :)

    good day~