1. I have researched several reasons why hamsters bite, aside from the obvious of surprising a sleeping hamster or having food smells on your hand:

    1. The surest way to get a bite - handle one hamster, then handle another hamster from a different cage without first washing your hands. They will quickly attack if an "enemy" scent is detected.

    2. Wanting freedom. Yes, if they've been in the cage a lot, and you've let them out to play, then go to bring them back to "captivity", they may bite. Frequent handling reduces this tendency.

    Food odors on your hand will often result in moderate nipping, but not severe bites. Severe bites are usually from detecting an "enemy" hamster scent on your hand, or startling the hamster by quickly bringing your hand to the rear of hamster. Always approach your hamster to his front so that he can smell you coming. Rear approaches mimick "attacks", and so instinctively set a hamster on defense.

    1. That is very useful info! I don't have a hamster yet, but I should be getting one in about a month. I am still proving I can have one by taking care of my dog for a week.

  2. I Love Hamsters!!!
    They Are Soft!!!
    They Are Cuddly!!!
    They Bite Hard!!!
    They Eat The Bars!!!