1. I really don't wont to hurt my hamster and I already give it TLC so what can I do? Thanx

  2. I really don't want to hurt my hamster and I am already giving it TLC but it still bites me. Wot can I do?
    From matt 12

  3. Hi matthew,

    you caan train them by using ur index finger and ur thumb to flick its mouth each time it bites, or wack the nose ( not too hard) to tell it who's boss.

    they are very sensitive to its mouth and nose..

    if you ask me if it works, it does for all of my hamsters.. i have been using this method for at least 5 years now.. if you still have trouble, do post a comment here..will be glad to answer them :)

    good luck ;)

  4. if my hamsters pregnant should i put the babies in a different cage or what??

    1. i would say so. ive been looking alot about this whole hamster thing and sometimes the mother eats the babies. poor babies. hope this helps!!!!

  5. My Hamster Sharpens its teeth on the cage bare in mind it has a chew bar. To Prevent it from biting me i do flick its nose but i am quite scared that its gunna bite me if i put my finger near its mouth, What Shall I Do?!

  6. I often hamsters bite when they're pregnant process or when the male hamster over estrus