1. If the injury was caused by another hamsters, do not allow the hamsters to continue living together in the hopes that their relationship will improve.
    its a bad idea.
    If they have other injurys. you should really see a professional vet, they will know what to do.

  2. My hamster makes a weird noise when i try to hold him, I don't know the reason for this. Also, he is very scared to go into the tubes...What should I do?

    1. To be honest, I think you should try tubes smaller than you have now. You can use toilet paper rolls. If that doesn't work put small treats at the end of the tubes. If he/she is still making noises you should take it to the vet. They may be able to identify the problem. If its sick or if its just try other toys. Maybe he/she is scared of closed objects. Good Luck!