Monday, August 6, 2007

Breeding- What To Do After The Hamster Has Given Birth

  • cover the cage to give it more privacy
  • DON'T touch the babies too soon. (I know the temptation to touch them is very high :)
  • Give plenty of dry food and water for them
  • Leave them alone till they are older
  • Try not to change the cage ( i know it stinks, but the mother might eat the baby if you do that


Hamsterlover said...

.............the mother will eat it's baby?

Anonymous said...

Do you need to seperate the mother and baby?

Anonymous said...

strange question? I bought a female hamster at the pet store that female was pregnant and already had her pups, and has not been housed with any other males, how can she be pregnant again?? I feel that is impossible, but she is super fat again. can hamster get pregnant by more then one male and have different litter 7 weeks apart?????

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