Thursday, August 9, 2007

Couple Names Cute~!


Abner & Daisy Mae
Adam & Eve
Amos & Andy
Ariel & Eric
Arthur & Gwenivere
Bangers & Mash
Banjo & Kazooie
Barbie & Ken
Ben & Jerry
Bill & Hillary
Bonnie & Clyde
Boris & Natasha
Charles & Diana
Charlotte & Wilbur
Chester & Cottonball
Chip & Dale
Chips & Dip
Chocolate & Vanilla
Cinnamon & Sugar
Click & Clack
Cocoa & Puff
Coffee & Espresso
Cookie & Cupcake
Cookies & Cream
Cosmo & Wanda
Cutie & Pie
Denise & Da Nephew
Dexter & Deedee
Dinky & Winky
Donald & Daisy
Donny & Donna
Dumb & Dumber
Elvis & Priscilla
Emma & Bam
Flower & Bambi
Frank & Alice
Frank & Beans
Frasier & Niles
Frick & Frack
Frodo & Sam
Fuzzy & Wuzzy
Gadget & Gizmo
Gidget & Gadget
Gismo & Cosmo
Goofy & Max
Grace & George
Guenevere & Victor
Holly & Ivy
Homer & Marge
Henry & Henrietta
Hugs & Kisses
Itsy & Bitsy
Jack & Jill
Jasmine & Aladdin
Jay & Silent Bob
Jekyl & Hyde
Kanga & Roo
Ketchup & Relish
Kim & Ron
Laalaa & Po
Laurel & Hardy
Laverne & Shirley
Left & Right
Lexy & Livy
Lovey & Dovey
Lucy & Ethel
Lunch & Dinner
Luvy & Duvy
Lumber & Jack
Mark Antony & Cleopatra
Mary & Joseph
Minnie & Mickey
Mocha & Caramel
Mom & Dad
Money & Cash
Munch & Crunch
Mutt & Jeff
Nickel & Dime
Oscar & Felix
Peaches & Cream
Pebbles & BamBam
Pepsi & Coke
Phil & Lil
Pickles & Pepper
Ping & Pong
Pinky & Brain
Pip & Squeak
Pixi & Dust
Pixie & Dixie
Pop & Tart
Pride & Joy
Ranalyn & Steviecott
Rex & Cassey
Ricky & Lucy
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Romeo & Juliet
Ronald & McDonald
Ruby & Roxy
Salt & Pepper
Sandy & Brandy
Sherlock & Watson
Shrek & Pheonia
Simba & Nala
Sonic & Knuckles
Sonny & Cher
Sordo & Sylvia
Spaghetti & Meatball
Sparkle & Shine
Spongebob & Patric
Sponge Bob & Sandy
Spring & Fall
Stop, Drop, & Roll
Summer & Winter
Teeny & Tiny
Tele & Tubby
Theodore & Rose
Timon & Pumba
Timber & Tumbler
Tinker & Tamper
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Wallace & Grommit
Wiggles & Giggles
Will & Grace
Ying & Yang
Zeus & Roxanne


Anonymous said...

Thanks thats really helpful! You should add Edward and Bella to the list!

Anonymous said...

ummm i was thinking about new ones wat about peanut butter & jelly or snuggles & cuddles those r cute well thanks for the idea

<333, Brittany

Port charlotte,Fl

Anonymous said...

butch & cassidy
jessie & james
batman & robin
kenai & koda
lilo & stitch
brad & janet
peter & marey-jane
louis & lestat
mario & luigi
sonic & tails
socks & slippers
gin & tonic
garfield & odie
elton & kiki


Hamsternames!! said...

Those are really cute! You should add something like Panda and Bear to the list! Below are some suggestions:
Daphne and Fred
Wilbur and Charlotte
Raven and Crow
Ham and Honey
Pancake and Syrup
Soda and Pop
Present and Bow
Sea and Shell
Dot and Stripe
Pencil and Pen
Bugs and Lola
Flower and Leaf
Mountain and Dew
Black and White
Frosty and Snowy
Light and Saber
Dog adn Pile
Salt and Pepper
Pudding and Cup
Day and Week
Carly and Freddy.
I hope these helped!

Anonymous said...

This is the best place to get any Hammy advice! I just love it here. Could I my hamster have any problems that aren't on here? Nope. It rocks!!

Anonymous said...

momo(peach in japanese)&pie

Anonymous said...

Here are some more cute names 2 add :)
sammy and hammy
toby and chaz
cheese and crackers
alpha and bet
edward and bella
sparkle and shine
doodle and caboodle
sorry if some are corny... thought them up quickly!!!!!

Mr.Bubbles said...

big mac and small fry

Momma Jorje said...

Thanks for this list! I was trying to name pairs of tarantulas. We had already thought up 2, but had 1 more pair. They are now Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum!

Anonymous said...

No!!! You should change the name
- sonic & knuckles
- sonic & Amy
- sonic & Sally ;)

Anonymous said...

you should add,

alleavitt said...

My hamsters names are Salt and Pepper!(d
jungarian dwarfs)

Anonymous said...

how about robert & giselle

Anonymous said...

I am currently trying to find couple names in a game for me and my couple, and most are taken D: !
This is so hard v.v

Cute Nicknames said...

A debt of gratitude is in order for this rundown! I was endeavoring to name sets of tarantulas. We had just concocted 2, however had 1 more combine. They are currently Tweedledee Dee and Tweedledee Dum!
cute matching couple names

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