Monday, August 6, 2007

How to get a healthy hamster

  • get it from a good breeder ( they are more experienced)
  • or if you are getting it from a pet shop, go over a few times, observe their cleanliness, and how they handle the hamsters. Ask them where they got the babies from
  • Clean bright eyes, not watery
  • neat fur, no bald patches
  • very active, although sleeps in the day
  • no wet tail


Anonymous said...

How could you tell if a hamster is a male or a female?? Because I have one and I don't know it's gender, help!

Anonymous said...

just look at the tail.... if the tail is fat then its a male but if it is thin then it is a female

Anonymous said...

what u r saying may not always be true
it really depends....
on the breed and the diet

from what u r saying,

every man has a big butt
every woman has a small butt

am i rite?

Anonymous said...

hold ur hamster and turn it upside down
there will be a difference
trust me i own 4 robos 2 females and 2 males
i know

go to

and it doesnt only have to be robo hamsters tt look like tt

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