Monday, August 6, 2007

How to get a good cage

  • well ventilated
  • basic things - wheel, food bowl, water bottle
  • bigger cage for bigger sized hammies
  • small ( but not to small) for small size cage
  • big is good
  • Make sure all small gaps are covered
  • fish tanks are no good- not much ventilation- our air does not really sink
  • you can add additional things like a used toilet roll, tubes

Remember to place fresh food and water to keep your hamster healthy :)


Anonymous said...

cool thanks 4 the info i got a new chinese hamster-he's soooo cute!!!! I made the cage exactly like u said it should b and hes really settling in now.


Sabby said...

ur most welcome :) have fun with ur hammy! ;D

alleavitt said...

I do not agree with your comment that fish tanks are no good. I have housed both mice and hamsters in mine, and they love it. You don't have to worry about them chewing their way out of it, fixing bars, or having a houdini hamster, like I had when I was younger. Fish tank cages are the best.( plus, they are super easy to clean!!

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