Sunday, August 5, 2007

Common sickness - Wet Tail

Wet tail is dangerous. It is bacteria formed that gets stuck on the tail of the hamster and it will stay there, making look very wet. Sometimes, some poo will get stuck too.

To prevent that, use saline water to wash the area, and dry with with paper towel. Put it on just a dry diet, like seeds, and stop giving then vegetables or wet food. Monitor the situation. If it gets ba, bring it to the vet


Anonymous said...

how do hamsters get wet tail?

Sabby said...

hamsters normally get wet tail by :

1. Stress

2. Wet bedding

Hope it helps

Jaime said...

Hey, just have a question, bought a syrian hamster yesturday...and although he seemed healthy when i checked him over before taking him home - from what i can see he seems to have developed a wet patch around his tail.
i've left him alone completely to let him settle in, though i am a little worried. i can't check him properly as he has yet to be handled. i suspect it may be diahorrea so he's on solids and seems to be drinking enough. just wondered if you had any additional adive?
thanks :)

Sabby said...

Hello Jaime,

If he is eating well, it should be fine :) not to worry, just give him time to settle down and get used to the environment :)

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