1. how do hamsters get wet tail?

  2. hamsters normally get wet tail by :

    1. Stress

    2. Wet bedding

    Hope it helps

  3. Hey, just have a question, bought a syrian hamster yesturday...and although he seemed healthy when i checked him over before taking him home - from what i can see he seems to have developed a wet patch around his tail.
    i've left him alone completely to let him settle in, though i am a little worried. i can't check him properly as he has yet to be handled. i suspect it may be diahorrea so he's on solids and seems to be drinking enough. just wondered if you had any additional adive?
    thanks :)

  4. Hello Jaime,

    If he is eating well, it should be fine :) not to worry, just give him time to settle down and get used to the environment :)