Sunday, August 5, 2007

Common sickness - Diehorea

Diarrhea is caused my stress, normally caused by traveling long distances and handling of hamsters in a new environment.

How to prevent : try not to travel long distances with the hamster. Do not handle the hamsters the moment you reach home. Let them settle for at least day in the new environment.

How to treat: You can either treat it with medication over the counter or visit the vet. Use clean paper towel as bedding for the time being, and feed it with dry food, like seeds


thGIRL ; said...

I got 5 hamster
2 of them are parents,
3 of them is borned on 27/11/2007
On 25th of december,
One of the baby hamster died
I do not know the reason.
The hamster which died,
When its borned,
its abit smaller than the other hamster,
and it looks more weak than the other babys.
One day when i look at it, it didnt move no matter what.
I don't really understand why.
Can you tell me the possible reasons?
Oh ! and i have 2 cage,
One- Is the mother and the 3 kids.
Second- Is the father alone.

Sabby said...

Baby hamsters fight to get nutrition, and normally the weaker one have trouble, as the mother has a limited number of nipples to feed her babies, maybe check if the bAby has symptoms like diehorrea, it could be nutrition.

anyways, sorry to her about it :)

Anonymous said...

I used to have a dwarf hamster and after my brother's friend took many pictures of it with a flash, it seemed to act more aggresive and disobedient. Is the flash from the camera the cause of his unusual behaviour?

Anonymous said...

yes i have a hamsyer that happen but it got better now

Sharelle Marriott said...
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Anonymous said...

First I wanna say sorry for your lost. The baby was much weaker so me personally I would have let he/she get to his/her mom first. I would have made sure he got a little more food so he could get more weight and strength. Hopefully you will know next time.

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