1. For the roboroski hamster being a breed that someone wouldn't want to touch a lot, well, I heard that there are one of the easiest and more friendly hamster breeds; I was told this by two pet stores.
    I was wondering if you could confirm this?

  2. well, this is in my own experience, and pet stores may advice you in this way to entice you to buy it..

    well that is if your in Singapore, in Singapore, normally pet shops would advice this way, as right now, roboroski hamsters are very popular, and most of the shops have it..

    i have kept 2 generations of roborokis, and the only bad side of them, is that you cannot let them run about and play with then running on your hand.. unlike dwarfs, and syrians, black bears, puddings..

    robos, are extremely active, and they can run and escape very quickly..training them to be tame may be a bit more difficult.

    but i am not saying it is a bad hamster to keep, it provides much entertainment when they are running around the cage.

    robos are more suited for owners who are not kids like in primary school, unless with adult supervision.

    i do believe that all hamsters can be trained, but keep in mind they all need affection..

    but for my own experience, robos are easy to keep, in the beginning not so friendly like others, but it takes more time to train them.. but if you are talking about keeping them maintaince wise, its pretty alright ;)

    hope this clarifies your doubts :) feel free to leave a comment if you do have any more questions, i'll be happy to answer them ;)

  3. I read a chinese book about hamsters in Yishun library, and it said that hamsters that have golden colour (e.g yellow pudding) are very close to humans. However, if I am not wrong, that kind of hamsters grow up two times bigger than normal hamsters.

  4. i have a robo and it is the sweetest hamster in the world she snuggles up and loves to be pet but my other one was CRAZY she ran everywhere and jumped out of my hnds so i guess it just depends on the personality

    1. their cute. i lust got a dwarf 1 hour ago. dont know what i shall call it. have fun with your baby!

  5. I have a robo and it is not fun to try and pick up. It runs so fast and has already gotten loose once. It hates being handled.

  6. I would like a playful hamster that I can pick up. I also want a socialable breed
    please help!!!!!

  7. I own two Russian dwarf hamster- also known as djungarian hamsters. They love to be picked up, but still are very active!! Currently I'm trying to get them to get along, but its going slowly. They were not, however, raised together, so I give them some room to grow. Good luck!

  8. I am getting a hamster for my birthday, and i really want a friendly hamster that like to be petted. Chinese dwarf hamsters are said to be just that on some websites. Are they really like that or are there another breed of hamster that is more affectionate??

    thank you :)
    Katie xx

  9. In my experience I have prefered the teddy bear hamster because they seem to live quite a long time (3-4 years), and they are usually very friendly and calm, but still entertaining. I've had a dwarf and robo too, and they seem to be a bit more agressive. Saying that, I've also heard that black bear hamsters are said to be very friendly.