1. Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog. I'm hoping you can help me with a couple of things.
    1) Where should I go to get a hamster? (somewhere affordable and good. I live towards the west)
    2) This will be my first time getting one - actually I'm getting one for my little brother who is 13. Any tips as to sex, type, colour, size, temperament of hamster? How do I assess the personality of the hamster?
    3) Anything else I should look out for and ask about? And how long can a common hamster live?

    Thanks very much. Would be great if you can reply soon if possible, I'm trying to get the hamster tomorrow. (I tried the link for your email but it didn't work)

  2. Hey there~

    hamsters so far the most common place i can find is places like pet lovers centre, others which you can try are from those neighbourhood pet shops? But they rarely have as well, and if you can visit the market, they might have as well.

    its hard to tell the personality of the hamster.. but you can train them to be tame when they are babies..So the personality isnt very important.. just look out for those whom are more active, running around the cage or alert eyes would be best.

    its okay about the link, as long u post here in the comments box, i will receive via email :)

    a hamster's average life span is about 2 years :P

  3. Hamsters cant have cotton. At all. They might eat it and then it will get tangled in the digestive tract. They might tangle their legs in the cotton and break them.