Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to Choose and Store hamster food

  • pick well known brands like the Japanese brand, or Hagen,
  • Check date of production  ( if possible)
  • Choose foods that have very little residue, normally they are fresher
  • DO not buy in bulk, only buy what you need. ( if not the bugs will appear
  • keep hamster food in air tight containers, to prevent moisture, as moisture will cause beetles to grow, then the food will be spoilt.


Anonymous said...

hi i dont have a air tight container is there anyting else+ how much money should you spend on a hamster cage

Sabby said...

Hello anon,
use an old food container and put it inside a plastic bag and tie it and put inside the food container, a cheap alternative :)

roughly about 20-30 SGD, depending on how big the cage it. Do also consider the size the hamster is going to grow as well :)

Good Luck :)


Anonymous said...

Hello. Is the 'burp' brand recommended?

Sabby said...

Burp is pretty good, my hamster likes it tho :)

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